Mullica Hill, New Jersey

Day of Surgery


Arrive at the Surgery Center at the time your surgeon specified. After check-in, we will ask you to complete admission forms and sign the surgery consent. We will ask for your driver’s license, insurance card and any insurance co-payment that is your responsibility. VISA, MasterCard, Discover and American Express are accepted.

Women of childbearing age will be given a urine pregnancy test the day of surgery. Please inform us if there is possibility you may be pregnant.


After changing into a surgical gown, a nurse will place a surgical ID on your wrist. Together, you will review your medical history, medications and supplements.

The anesthesiologist will assess your vital signs, lab results and ask more details about your health history, medications and supplements.

The anesthesiologist will assess your vital signs, lab results or tests, and ask more details about your health history, medications and any previous anesthesia experiences. The assessment will determine the appropriate anesthesia for your procedure, for which you will sign the anesthesia consent.

Our anesthesia goal: keeping you safe and comfortable before, during and after surgery.

Your surgeon will visit to make sure you are well prepared.


When you first arrive in the OR, it may take a few minutes to adjust to the bright lights and cool temperature. A nurse will be close at hand for an extra warm blanket and to attend to your needs. The medical team will perform a time-out to confirm the specifics for our surgery. While you are in surgery, we will keep the companion waiting for you informed about your progress.

Recovery after Surgery

You will be moved to a recovery bay where a nurse will monitor your progress and give you medications for comfort. Recovery time is very individual, and usually lasts 30 minutes to 2 hours. When you are medically cleared for discharge, we will review discharge instructions with you and your companion.

Rest at Home

You will feel the residual effects of anesthesia for 24 hours following surgery. If you take additional oral pain medication, you will continue to feel sedated even after the anesthesia has worn off. Do not drive a vehicle or make important decisions. Do not drink alcohol while taking pain medication. Rest under the supervision of a trusted adult who can follow up on discharge orders and oversee your progress. If you experience any complications or adverse effects, call your doctor or 911.

After Surgery

The day after your surgery, a nurse from the Surgery Center will place a follow up call to see how you are doing. It is best for you to continue to rest until you are fully recovered, and follow your doctor’s instructions for return to normal activities.

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